Lips are probably the most expressive facial feature. To make our lips bold and attractive, we buy an enormous number of stylish lipsticks, search for beauty bloggers’ tutorials, or try the latest cosmetic products.

Bright Side has gathered the most effective tips that will help you create glamorous lip makeup.

To cure chapped lips and make them pink

Apply toothpaste on your lips. Take it off in 10 seconds. Your lips will instantly become a whole lot softer.

To soften your lips

Use a special scrub or a soft toothbrush to cleanse your lips. This kind of massage lets the lipstick cover your lips evenly and smoothly.

To define the contour

Use concealer to correct the contour of your lips. Hide the natural contour of your lips, then draw a new one with a liner.

To blend the colors

It’s better to blend out the contour for light daytime makeup.

To outline your lip line

Use concealer or highlighter to accent the line of your lips and make them look full.

To plump your lips

Your lips will look much fuller if you outline the corners with a pencil, and then apply some concealer to the middle.

A flattering lipstick color

Find a color that works with your skin tone. Do not forget some important things: a pearl lipstick highlights all the flaws of your skin, a matte lipstick can lessen your lips, and a glossy lipstick isn’t suitable for some situations.

To apply lipstick neatly

It will be easier to draw the contour if you make a cross under your Cupid’s bow in the middle of your upper lip. Then outline the corners of your lips, and connect the lines.

To put an accent in the middle

Apply concealer to your lips first, then apply a bold lipstick and blend it out carefully. This makeup will look really delicate and tender.